Vege Project is a non-profit organization doing its best to spread vegetarianism in Japan.

We need your support to continue growing.

You can contribute with our project either by joining as Vege Project Official members or by means of a donation. All donations will be exclusively used for our activities.

Please note that the fee is calculated in Yen (1 USD = about 110 JPY)

1. Donation from Credit Card

Please crick the price below.
The payment service SPIKE page will open.

1000 yen

2000 yen

3000 yen

5000 yen

10000 yen

2Transferring money to YUCHO Bank [Japan only]

Bank Name: Yucho

■Financial Institution number: 9900

■Branch number 408

■Code 14060

■Type of account: futsuu (regular)

■Branch Name: yon zero hachi

■Number 43147281

■Bank number: 4314728