We, Vege Project Japan joined the Tokyo Vegan Festival on 2nd Oct.

Vege Project’s member gathered and welcome people at our stand.

We prepared soy milk juice with 5 kinds of special syrup and vegan ramen soup.

We gathered before 8 am and when we realized after sorting out everything, it was already dark around.

Time run so quick but in the day, we met many interesting people.

We met many nice people there and even a vegan dog!

The cool dog has been a vegan for 3 years.

Thank you for visiting us, our Vege Project’s stand!

Nice meeting you all.

By the way, there were 55 vegan stands in the festival.

And the stand of Terra Burgers, which we have encouraged each other since very beginning was coincidently next to our stand.

They got always a long line and their brand new “hot dog” was extremely good!