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Spreading vegetarianism, simplifying vegetarian/vegan lifestyle

We currently carry out a set of activities with the objective of promoting the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle and making it simpler.

Menu Development & PR 
-Creating vegan options-


With the objective of simplifying the vegan lifestyle in Japan, and to provide the regular customer with a satisfying experience with vegan cuisine, VegeProject Japan actively invites restaurants, companies and other institutions to include plant-based options in their menus.

Our support offers a full introduction to vegan cuisine, unique recipes matching the needs of the restaurant or institution, suggestions for reliable ingredient providers, full follow-up support and promotion of the menu after launch.

For more information, please visit “Menu development” page or please contact via “contact page” or email(  contact@vegeproject.org ).

Vegan/Vegetarian Certificate 


We certify vegan and vegetarian options with these marks. We give these marks to restaurants, stores and products which have vegan/vegetarian options.

*Please check the detail and the definition we decide for “vegan” and “vegetarian” as our certificate from the page “Vegetarian/Vegan marks certified by VegeProject Japan.“.

-Vegetarian Certificate for restaurants and shops –
・VEGAN (ヴィーガン ベジタリアン対応 ):
Restaurants and shops with vegetarian options including vegan options.

-Vegan and Vetarian Certificate for products –
VEGAN: Vegan Product 
: Vegetarian (lacto-ovo level) product

VegeProject University 
-Students’ activities for vegan menus-

The starting point of VegeProject Japan, VegeProject University is ran by student groups from different Japanese universities, who work for the introduction of a vegetarian (vegan) menu at their school’s cafeteria.

VegeProject Japan is a point of gathering for these groups, and provides support both to students and to universities considering the implementation of a vegan menu.

Please visit our “VegeProject University” page for more information.

-Chance to know about and enjoy “Vegetarian/Vegan” –

Our cooking events, meal parties, movie projections, conferences and other vegetarian-related events aim to increase public interest vegetarian food and vegetarianism, while creating an opportunity to make friends interested in vegetarianism. We believe the increase of vegetarian options is both the cause and the result of awareness and interest in vegetarianism and vegetarian cuisine.

-Japanese vegan information-

The Internet is a powerful tool for the spreading of veganism. VegeTime publishes vegan related articles in Japan. We hope not only vegans will enjoy but also by reaching the non-vegetarian in an enjoyable browsing experience through our articles, this portal works as a tool for the increase of public awareness of vegetarian and environmental-related topics.