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June 17, 2015

As Paul McCartney already sang: “Let it be”. And that’s about in a nutshell, what it means for him to be vegetarian.

The 72-year-old McCartney, who take a break did during his “Out There” tour in Japan on April 25, gave an interview to vegetarianism activist Haruko Kawano to tell about his “Meat Free Monday” campaign to encourage people to at least once per week to remove meat from the menu.

Kawano, 27, seems an odd candidate to interview the seasoned songwriter, composer and musician, as she and not a musician and not a concert reviewer and is not a journalist.

The interview, which took place at the Tokyo Dome where McCartney occurred, was held to McCartney’s ideas about vegetarianism and the message that eating less meat is an important difference to distribute the environment.

Kawano became interested in social issues around food when she studied agronomy at the University of Kyoto, where she graduated, and later when she was living in Belgium.

During her studies focused Kawano and a group of friends in 2013. Vegetable Project at a club to promote vegetarianism and veganism. They managed to add vegetarian options on the menu in the restaurant of Kyoto University in November of that year.


The interview was organized in collaboration with the nonprofit organization Animal Rights Centre.

Not eating meat on Mondays will ensure that decreases the global consumption of meat, which then global warming will be reduced, says McCartney.

Kawano had during the interview accompanied by someone who is involved in promoting vegetarianism in universities and a member of the Animal Righs Center. The interview was conducted in English.

During the 15-minute conversation told McCartney about how more than 30 years ago became a vegetarian when he and his first wife, Linda Eastman deceased, lived on their farm.

McCartney remembers that they were about to begin a Sunday roast, when they noticed the frolicking lambs in the pasture.

“When we saw the connection. We looked at our food and thought “Oh, this is the same as that pretty little animals that were just born, ‘” he said.

When referring to the Meat Free Monday campaign McCartney: “If there are enough people join, it is an important step in the future of our planet. And you can do it. So do it! ”

Kawano and her friends are planning to show video of the interview with McCartney at a promotional event scheduled for early October.