There was a conference about the network between Australia and Japan on 3rd June in Hachioji Uni. Tokyo.

This time was the 38th.

Kawano, the president of Vege Project joined the conference and talked about vegan lifestyle.



Vege Project supported  Tokyo Vegan Lounge, which related Australia.

About for 2 hours, we talked about what is vegetarian and vegan lifestyle, why we choose veggie, the trend of  world veggie life and so on.


Have you already watched Vegetime TV?

The 1st and the 2nd of Vegetime TV is connecting with Australia!

Please click these two photos below to watch them. →

There were many people who are interested in Australia and have connection with Australia.

We were happy to talk about vegan lifestyle at the conference about vegan.

We would like to spread vegan idea to everywhere!