On 27th September, as part of a collaborative project with a local wheat gluten (Fu, traditional Japanese food) company, we held a cooking class.

Our instructor was Mr. Tsuneo Takahashi, former head chef of the Imperial Household Agency.

Ingredients were provided by Yamagata Syoten, a producer of wheat gluten since the Meiji era; and Fuji Oil, which has been making headlines recently with its vegan cheese.

Among our guests were many already acquainted with Vege Project who are considering, or already have introduced vegan meals into their respective organizations, and are on the lookout for new vegan menu ideas.

Mr. Takahashi introduced to us many new and delicious vegan recipes centered around wheat gluten.

Although Takahashi-san had never had any interest in veganism up until now, he specially prepared an entirely vegan lineup for this collaboration, with Vege Project certifying that all of the food was indeed 100% vegan.

Mr. Takahashi presented to us 8 vegan dishes (including 11 unique flavors) rich in variety, making use of wheat gluten, soy milk and soy cheese.

Everyone had a great time sampling the food and receiving  Mr. Takahashi’s cooking tips.

Everyone was very curious about the ingredients too.


Even desserts.

2 kinds.

We hope that this event in some small way contributes to the development of delicious vegan menus, and inspires people to take an interest in veganism!