A vegan menu has been introduced in the Cabinet Office canteen.

To introduce vegan options we, Vege Project Japan, worked with the office and, the day before yesterday, we had a lunch event there!

Today’s participants

Vege Project started at Kyoto University and one of the first vegan menus was a ginger flavored soymeat and vegetable rice bowl.

The canteen prepared the same menu for us.

Introduction of this event and Vege Project Japan at the door

This poster says “Vegetarian food is good for the planets, people and animals”.


The representative who started Vege Project at Kyoto University also joined the event and the menu impressed her very much, reminding her of Vege Project’s first step.

Vegan menus:
Ginger flavored soymeat and vegetable rice bowl, Miso soup, Potato salad, seaweed and vegetables


10 attendees (mainly we correct Vege Project members) enjoyed eating and talking about our next projects.

The vegan menu was sold out before 13:00, meaning many people tried the vegan option!

We very much appreciate the canteen staff cooking high quality vegan food and the government staff member who brought the veggie idea to his colleagues and friends.

In front of the gate of the government office