On 24th June, we organized a Vegan Gyoza cooking class at Chofu-city event.

Many ids also joined with their family and we all enjoyed cooking together.

This event was organized by Yoga no Jikan, Farm Koyama, Borscht Café and VegeProject.

Yoga no Jikan’s president is a vegetarian yoga teacher living in Chofu-city.
She founded the event and is a fantastic moderator.

Farm Koyama is an organic farm – and all the vegetables we used in this event were produced by them.

Borscht Café has irregular business hours (i.e. no fixed opening times) but the owner of the café also holds veggie cooking class every month.

Most of the participants joined as they were either eager to make gyoza from scratch by themselves, or wanted to enjoy cooking with their children.

We also discussed why we chose to make vegan gyoza, and our crowd was very recipient and interested in our cause.
Some of the small kids even took our leaflets, which made us happy!

We also enjoyed the eating portion of the event, of course!

Photo by Farm Koyama

The gyoza, filled with lots of vegetables and wrapped in a thick and chewy pastry, was delicious!

Everyone’s smiles made us happy too. :)

Some encouraging comments from the participants were, “until today, we never even thought about eating gyoza without meat – but the vegan gyoza was just as delicious!” and “we’d like to cook gyoza from scratch for ourselves, just like today.”

Cooking and eating together is always a heartwarming activity to share.

Thank you very much for the collaboration and joining us!

Proofreading by Kay Sloan