Thank you for good reputation, now we don’t have stock any more.
For publication of the 2nd edition of Kyoto VegeMap, we are looking for sponsors and the members to make it together!
If you are interested in it, please contact us: !

 ①.Get the map at Veggie restaurants in Kyoto, Guesthouses and Hotels 

Kyoto vege map team announce where you can find the map in facebook page “京都ベジマップのFBページ” (*In Japaneses)
*We try to add the map as much as possible but please notice that each place has limit number of the map.

②.Get by postal mail

If you want to get the map for sure, we can send it by postal mail.
As we decided with Kyoto vege map team, we can send it 300 yen for the first map, additional map for 100 yen each (In Japan).
We will use the money for the shipment, handling charge, envelope, the next printing fee.
If you are living abroad, we can tell how much it will cost.
If you will help us to spread the maps and need lots of numbers, we will let you know the detail of the cost.
Please contact us via email( )or send a message to Facebookのメッセージ.