Vegan course menu will be available at some restaurants of one of the most famous Izakaya chains in Japan from the 7th Apr!

We Vege Project have supported the company and finally they will start the vegan menu soon!


At first, they will start the vegan course from a few restaurants to see how much it will get customers. If we can show it is really required by us, they will start the vegan course at other restaurants too and they will have more kinds of vegan options at their restaurants! So, let’s show our desires to have more vagan options at restaurants!

If you say “ Vege Project Discount please” when you order, you can get 10% OFF! (Up to 4000 yen discount.)


**Please make a reservation for your visit to Mr Fujiha, the staff in charge of this course menu.

2 days in advance would be preferable.

080-9407-9738 (Mr. Fujiha, Japanese language only)
Or please send a message to us (Vege Project Japan) or please call us ( 080-1409-8817 ).

Hrere you can see the introduction video.


Restaurant: 吉今Kikkon(Yurakucho)、月の雫 Tsukinoshizuku(Shinjuku)、月の雫Tsukinoshizuku(Akihabara)、月の雫Tsukinoshizuku(Nagoya)、(maybe one restaurant in Osaka too)

*月の雫Tsukinoshizuku(Nagoya)changed the name of the restaurant to KINNOKURA(金の蔵) from October 2017 but they can make this vegan course with reservation.

Course menu: Tofu Irodori Course (Various kinds of Tofu and vegetables Japanese plates.All vegan. 2000 yen + tax.) If you want to enjoy making your tofu and eating it, Tofu Experience (700yen + tax) is also available.

*10% OFF of  Vege Project Discount is available from these prices. (Up to 4000 yen discount.)

*The date to start vegan course might be changed depending on each restaurant situation.

*The name and the menus from the photo might be changed.

**Celebrating for this starting vagan course, we will hold a vegan party at Yurakucho Kikkon on 15th Apr (12:30-14:30) and Nagoya Tsukinoshizuku on 29th Apr (12:30-14:30)!

If you are interested in this event, regardless you are vegetarian or not, you are welcome!

Normally Izakaya is only available in the evening but they will open for the lunch time for us!

Fee: 2700 yen (tax included, Tofu Irodori course + Tofu Experience, 1 soft drink.)

*On the event day, there might be some medias for the shooting and interview.

【Reservation is required!】

Please send a message to And please pay the fee in advance via Yucho bank. If it would be difficult, please let us know and we will tell you other ways.*Cancellation will be accepted by 2 days before the event date to be paid back. After the day, we will not be able to pay the fee back.

Yucho bank information.

Yucho bank (ゆうちょ銀行) / code 9900 (金融機関コード 9900) / shop number 408 (店番 408) / the kind: Futsu (預金種目 普通) / name of the shop: Yon Zero Hachi (店名 四〇八店ヨンゼロハチ店)/ account number 4314728 (口座番号 4314728) / Vege Project Japan (ベジプロジェクトジャパン)



Dessert made of tofu
You can enjoy the texture and the flavor

The tofu you will make would be so tasty!
You can try various kinds of salt with tofu

Inside of Kikkon (Yurakucho)
Japanese traditional atmosphere you can relax


Please visit and try the vegan course!