We had a Vegan Izakaya Party in Tokyo and Nagoya for celebrating the introduction of the vegan course menu to Izakaya chain restaurants!

(*More detail about Vege Project’s activity to introduce vegan option is available here :” Enjoy Vegan course menu and experience of Japanese culture at Izakaya restaurants! “

We are planning the next Vegan Izakaya Party in Tokyo Again!


If you are interested in this event, regardless you are vegetarian or not, you are welcome!


17th June 19:30-21:30
Reservation available by 14th June

KIKKON Yurakucho
2-3-5, Yurakucho, Chiyoda ward, Tokyo
building name: aune Yurakucho
floor: 6

2700 yen (tax included, Tofu Irodori full course, 1 drink included)

No smoking in our room
*Other place is allowed to smoke in the same restaurant

【Reservation and Payment in advance is required!】

Please put the “join” on event page on Facebook page or please send a message to FB messenger or contact@vegeproject.org. And please pay the fee in advance via Yucho bank.
If it would be difficult, please let us know and we will tell you other ways.*Cancellation will be accepted by 2 days before the event date to be paid back. After the day, we will not be able to pay the fee back.
Yucho bank information.
Yucho bank (ゆうちょ銀行) / code 9900 (金融機関コード 9900) / shop number 408 (店番 408) / the kind: Futsu (預金種目 普通) / name of the shop: Yon Zero Hachi (店名 四〇八店ヨンゼロハチ店)/ code 14060 / account number 4314728 (口座番号 4314728) / Vege Project Japan (ベジプロジェクトジャパン)

See you there!