We, Vege Project have supported the Izakaya chain company and finally they started the vegan course menu!

(*For the detail, please visi: https://www.vegeproject.org/en/izakaya2/ )

We organized Izakaya vegan party for celebrating this starting vegan course!

Thank you very much for joining us making a wonderful time together!!

We will have another Izakaya party in Nagoya on 29th Apr! (Reservation will be required by 26th Apr!)


We had a very nice time with participants, who joined from lots of fields, Tokyo Vegan Meetup group, Danveggie, lovely family, companies, restaurant’s owner and so on!

We spent 2 hours more than planed time.

This was the first challenge for the Izakaya company and there were/are many restrictions but we appreciate them so much for this collaboration.

We will try to make next step introducing more vegan menus to more restaurants.

Please support us, visiting the restaurants showing the demands, becoming our active or support members,  and so on!