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Vege Project Japan has this desire to make “More vegetarian options”,
and works on creating a society where anyone has vegetarian/vegan options anywhere at any time.
Here is how you join and support our projects.


Please support us Vege Project Japan through donation. We are a non-profit organization, and therefore your support will contribute to a big change.

Anonymous donation is possible although it would be appreciated if you could tell us your name and address by mail.

Bank transfers via Japan Post Bank and credit card payment are available. If you choose credit card payment and the amount is not listed below, please contact us.

Credit Card Payment

You may choose one of the prices below or specify the amount via an email.






By bank transfert ( Japan Bank )

■ From YUCHO bank

Code: 10150
Number: 86163871

■ From other banks

*Fees between financial institutions may apply.

Financial institution number: 9900
Name of the branch: 018
(zero ichi hachi)



Type of account:
Number: 8616387
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