Two new vegan sauces by Kagome, ‘Soy meat bolognese with root vegetables’ and ‘Mushroom soy milk cream’ are now on sale! The sauces are also verified with the Vegan mark from us, NPO VegeProject Japan. 

Kagome, a brand familiar to many people, has finally started sales of vegan products. Although the release is said to be motivated by business use, the product is well packaged with one packet suitable for one person. 

Both the flavor and texture of these pasta sauces are so flavorful that you can no longer say vegan foods are tasteless.

They will be enjoyed by everyone including non-vegans!

Soy meat bolognese with root vegetables


Mushroom soy milk cream

The products will be released all over the country on July 30th, and can also be purchased on Amazon.

Pre-release by Kagome: