If you would like to receive VegeMap to your home, your hotel or somewhere you want to send it in Japan, it costs 300 yen for 1 copy and more than two, 100 yen par copy.
This fee covers sending, charge, printing, system fee. (*If you would like us to send copies to abroad, please visit https://vegeproject.org/payment-abroad/ )

Before you will pay the fee, please be sure that you will get contact us through our email ( contact@vegeproject.org ) or VegeProject Japan’s Facebook message and tell us how many copies you would like to get and the address to be sent.
We will reply to you within 2 days.

How to pay:

Through Japanese Post Office
<From Yucho>■code:10150 ■number:86163871
<From other banks>■bank code 9900 ■store code018 ■kind Futsu ■store name 018 (Zero Ichi Hachi) ■account number 8616387


Credit Card Payment(*VISA、Master、AMEX are available.)
Please click the blue button below.

VegeMap 1 copy inside of Japan  300yen

VegeMap 3 copies  inside of Japan  500yen

VegeMap 5 copies inside of Japan 700yen