We, Vege Project Japan, have a monthly meeting on the first Sunday of the every month!

Vege Project is an NPO working hard to spread vegetarian menus all over the country.

Our current activities consist of:

*the introduction of vegan menus at restaurants and cafeterias,

*the development of Vege Map,

*the issuing of vegan certifications for restaurants and products,

*the running of Vege Time, a website to spread vegan-related information,

*the organization of vegan events, and more!

“I want vegan options to be available everywhere!”. If you feel so, this is your place!

We are waiting for you!


The regular meeting is divided in two parts:

from 14.30 to 15.30hs, regular members discuss their monthly progress and plan future activities;

from 15.30hs to 16.30, we welcome all first-timers to know more about our activities, share their experience with us, and hopefully, to project future cooperation with our NPO.

New-vegan students planning to introduce a vegan menu at their university, long-time activists with exciting project proposals, young a sociologist willing to join our activities while doing fieldwork for her research on the veg*n movement, a fan of The Beatles who learned from Paul McCartney the importance of reducing meat consumption, a vegan pastry chef… what a diverse crew!

It was amazing to get to know each other, and we are looking forward to get the hands on work together!

Thank you for joining Vege Project!