Only a few steps away from the Shinjuku san-chōme station. An elegant underground dining bar. A new amazing set of 12 fully vegan options! A great, comfortable space which will invite you to have a relaxed, satisfying meal.

Having both counter seating as well as large tables, this place is great for meetings (the truth is Vege Project currently uses this space and its vegan menu quite often!).

Story: Vege Project had a meeting at the place. The staff, who listened to the presentation of our group, felt moved by our ideas. In particular, this person resulted to be secretary of the owner. Later, he contacted us, and together we introduced the new, full vegan menu!

Please visit them to try these delicious vegan dishes!

Special thanks to Yoshinori !



**This restaurant was closed because the owner left Japan. Thank you for your visit.**

Info: Asian Dining Bar MEROSTO

3-8-9, Hirasei building B1F, Shinjuku, Shinjuku district, Tokyo.

0 minutes from the exit C5 of the metro Shinjukusanchome station



No holiday



Photo of the atmosphere: