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Vegan x Mexican Dinner Party “Dia de muertos” on 3rd Nov!

The event is for celebrating Mexican holiday “Dia de muertos”(Means the day of dead) with vegan dishes served by authentic vegan chef from Mexico.

<strong>-Date 3rd (Sat) November 2018</strong>

First group started from 5 p.m.<strong>⇒Sold out!!Thank you!</strong>

Second group started from 7:30 p.m.<strong>⇒Sold out!!Thank you!</strong>

※Only 15 people can participate at most in one time. Don’t miss the chance.


「Garden Kitchen Gyoen EAST 」

4 Chome-25-13 Yotsuya Shinjuku-ku, Tōkyō-to 160-0004 Japan

HP http://www.gardenkitchen.jp/east/access/index.html


4000 yen

※Whne we payment is done, we confirm your reservation.

<strong>-How to reserve</strong>

<strong>1.</strong> Please send us message to  event.vegeproject@gmail.com with name(s) of attendants, phone number/email address, name of the party you’d like to join(Almuerzo, Tacos Omakase&amp;Ramen, or the Day of death), and which time you’d like to join(17:00-1850 or 19:30-21:20).

<strong>2.</strong> Please pay for the ticket.
Credit payment:

Transferring through bank:
<From YUCHO bank>■Code 14060 ■Number 43147281
<From other banks>■Financial Institution number: 9900 (Bank Name: Yucho) ■Branch number 408 ■Type of account: futsuu (regular)
■Name of the branch 四〇八 店(Yonzerohachi ten) ■Number: 4314728 ベジプロジェクトジャパン(VegeProject Japan)

<strong>-Application deadline</strong>
1st (Thu) November 2018

<strong>-Cancel Policy</strong>
No refund for cancellation after 21th(Sat) October 2018

You can try Mexican traditional alcohol “mezcal” (*Only for over twenties ) with extra charge.

If you have any question, please contact us! event.vegeproject@gmail.com

Thank you.