On last Monday, music live and vegan food event “Meat Free Monday Night” was held by Office Meat Free Monday Night.
Meat Free Monday is the campaign “one day a week not eating meat” that Sir Paul McCartney started to save the planet and the animals.
At night, music lovers, Paul’s fans, foodies and those who are interested in vegetarian lifestyle gathered together. Only 10 % of the participants was already vegetarians. With laugh, healthy food and nice music, we had a fun night.
Before the live started, they screened the video which we interviewed with Paul McCartney. Kawano, the representative of Vege Project Japan had a speech about Vege Project’s activities, what’s about vegetarian and Meat Free Monday is and the secret story behind our interview.
It was the 2nd Meat Free Monday Night. But they decided to hold it constantly from now on because we had a nice time!



m4Photo by Meat Free Monday Japan