British rock star and vegetarian activist Paul McCartney visited Japan on April. In support of McCartney’s global campaign, “Meat Free Monday”, Vege Project started a national campaign, in cooperation with other Japanese organizations: “Meat Free Monday All Japan”(MFMAJ). “Meat Free Monday” campaigns aim to create a day of the week where we eat no meat.

MFMAJ had its own booth at Tokyo Dome, where Paul’s concert was held. We distributed a large number of pamphlets introducing MFM and the benefits of vegetarian meals. We are very thankful to all of the visitors who accepted our pamphlets, and hope they will consider the idea!

In case you have not seen it yet, here is our interview with Paul McCartney on the MFM campaign


Also, we held a Meat Free Monday event the day before Paul’s concert. We celebrated with lots of great music and vegan dishes.

Paul and Beatles fans assisted, and some of them were very interested in the campaign!