We had a Vegan Izakaya Party in Nagoya for celebrating the introduction of the vegan course menu to Izakaya chain restaurants!

(*More detail about Vege Project’s activity to introduce vegan option is available here :” Enjoy Vegan course menu and experience of Japanese culture at Izakaya restaurants! “

Next Izakaya Drinking Party will be on 17th June! Please check it out from the bottom of this article!

It was our first event in Nagoya !
But thank you for gathering and having great time together!
Restaurant’s owner, vegan activists, vegetarian by nature, those who are interested in environmental issues, foreign students,,, the guests had various background.



We shared the ideas to make this Izakaya project better! Also we shared our each veggie story.


Thank you for making really good and warm atmosphere !


We are planning the next Vegan Izakaya Party in Tokyo Again!


If you are interested in this event, regardless you are vegetarian or not, you are welcome!

17th June 19:30-21:30
Reservation available by 14th June

KIKKON Yurakucho
2-3-5, Yurakucho, Chiyoda ward, Tokyo
building name: aune Yurakucho
floor: 6

2700 yen (tax included, Tofu Irodori full course, 1 drink included)

No smoking in our room
*Other place is allowed to smoke in the same restaurant

【Reservation and Payment in advance is required!】

Please put the “join” on event page on Facebook page or please send a message to FB messenger or contact@vegeproject.org. And please pay the fee in advance via Yucho bank.
If it would be difficult, please let us know and we will tell you other ways.*Cancellation will be accepted by 2 days before the event date to be paid back. After the day, we will not be able to pay the fee back.
Yucho bank information.
Yucho bank (ゆうちょ銀行) / code 9900 (金融機関コード 9900) / shop number 408 (店番 408) / the kind: Futsu (預金種目 普通) / name of the shop: Yon Zero Hachi (店名 四〇八店ヨンゼロハチ店)/ account number 4314728 (口座番号 4314728) / Vege Project Japan (ベジプロジェクトジャパン)

See you there!