“Onigiri Waku Waku Challenge” is the organization which has a mission to spread the idea of how great Onigiris (Onigiri is Japanese traditional rice ball) are and is giving opportunities to eat Onigiris to as many people as possible.

photo: おにぎりワクワクチャレンジFB

They supported a cycling team in terms of their food at the festival called “Anchor Nissan Stadium Cycling Perfect Festival”.

They asked us, Vege Project Japan to support them too!

photo: おにぎりワクワクチャレンジFB

We recommended Soy meat Karaage for the athletes.

“Soy is sometimes called “meat form field”.

That is because they have enough protein and lots of kinds of nutrition and they are good for digest and recovery from exhaustion.

That’s why, this choice of Soy meat Karaage was great choice for this event considering the athletes after their race need nutrition and desire to avoid the accumulated fatigue.” The president of Onigiri Waku Waku Challenge said.

Thank you Onigiri Waku Waku Challenge, for giving us this opportunity!