Do you know Okonomiyaki?

It’s a well-known and beloved part of Japanese cuisine.

However, most vegetariansam and vegans can’t visit Okonomiyaki restaurants, because normally they use Okonomiyaki sauce that contains meat or fish extract.

The biggest Okonomiyaki sauce company is Otafuku and most of Okonomiyaki restaurants use their products – they don’t have vegetarian sauce.

HOWEVER, They released a Vegan Okonomiyaki sauce on 29th May at the Okonomiyaki Exhibition in Tokyo!! 

NPO VegeProject Japan supported them for months and finally they made really delicious sauce!

We visited the exhibition and we were glad to see their “vegetarian Okonomiyaki” stand!

There were many people (mainly Okonomiyaki restaurants’ owners, workers and related people) and many stands relating specifically to Okonomiyaki.

The Vegetarian Okonomiyaki stand was popular and they made a nice presentation.

The sauce is vegan, without meat, seafood, milk, egg or honey.

Yet it was delicious!

They had the innovative idea to use soy products instead of pork for the topping of Okonomiyaki.

It was also nice!

We appreciate that such a big leading company has started a Vegan product.

Let’s enjoy vegan Okonomiyaki together!

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