Paul McCartney is coming back to Japan on a new world tour!

It has been 2 years since Vege Project interviewed Paul about veggie life and Meat Free Monday.
This interview was the starting point of Meat Free Monday All Japan, a nationwide campaign to spread the message: to make one day a week a day not to eat meat. For the environment, health and the animals.

After the interview, we made Meat Free Monday All Japan (MFMAJ)and we are running the web site showing MFM in Japan.

Please have a look our interview videos!

4 minutes

11 minutes


We will make a stand promoting Meat Free Monday at every Paul’s concert in Japan supported by Meat Free Monday UK.

We will distribute the leaflets of Meat Free Monday All Japan and  Paul’s UK Meat Free Monday leaflet translated in Japanese.

And Paul and UK Meat Free Monday office gave us this cook book with Paul’s signature and lovely message from Suzanne!

We will give it to one person.

Please visit our MFMAJ’s web site , our party on 22th Apr, or the stand of the each concert!

Check it out!