Paul McCartney’s One on One Japan tour finished on 30th Apr at Tokyo Dome.

Meat Free Monday All Japan, which started from The interview with Paul about Meat Free Monday and vegetarian lifestyle by Vege Project and Animal Right Center, got the stand at the concert venue to spread the idea of Meat Free Monday supported by Meat Free Monday.

Volunteers from 4 groups relating to MFM

Meat Free Monday’s stand


Meat Free Monday All Japan team


With Paul’s picture and the message from Paul, many Paul’s fan received our MFM flyers!

The flyers were here.



The interview with Paul McCartney about Meat Free Monday and Vegetarian lifestyle:

We’d love you to think about how eating meat and stopping meat connect our health, the earth and the animals.

Maybe it would be difficult to stop meat suddenly everyday.

But maybe it would not be so difficult to try one day a week!

One day a week can make difference. “So, just do it!”



The atmosphere of the concert on 30th April.