Seminar for vegetarian option food by EAT Tokyo on 26th Feb. at Shinjuku ward office

A seminar of ‘Omotenashi’ for foreign travelers is hold by EAT Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Government).
Our representative Haruko Kawano has a lecture about vegetarian and vegan on 26th Feb.

She talks what or why vegetarian is, its demand in Japan or the world, and also how to deal with it.

Those who work on restaurants in Tokyo if you’d like to start to deal with vegetarian option food should join!

Applicant: Restaurants or eating place located in Tokyo

When: February 26th (Tue) 14:30-16:00

Where: Shinjuku ward office Go to EAT Tokyo website for details

First section: Dealing with vegetarian option for easy start-up (Haruko Kawano)

Second section: Usage of multiple language menus (EAT Tokyo)

Go to EAT Tokyo website  for application and details!