Vege Project has assisted the introduction of new menus at the cafeterias of Sophia University. After working together with the University staff in charge of the cafeterias and with their respective owners, we had the honour to certify these new menus as fully vegan. The new vegan menus started selling in April.

In the picture: Mr. Masayama, coordinator of the cafeterias of Sophia University, (the cooking staff/a cook of Lepatos Ltd./Co.), and representative(s) of Vege Project. We deeply admire the commitment towards diversity of food choices and their great effort in introducing a wide range of high quality dishes.


Baked Veggie lunch set at Tokyo Halal deli & cafe by ASlink inc.

Cafeteria coordinator Mr. Masayama explains that “the new vegetarian menu is not only being ordered by the vegetarian and vegan students of the university” and that he is “happy to see that both vegetarians and non-vegetarians are enjoying it”. As for sales, he remarks that “the menu category into which we introduced the new menu has tripled its sales since we made it vegetarian”. Needless to say, this could only be achieved with the great effort of the staff of the cafeterias.


Thank you for making beloved menus!

Lunch box is also available (soy meat and vegetable rice bowl)

So lucky for Sophia University students to have such a wide choice of vegetarian menus! Introducing the new menu has reduced the barriers keeping vegetarians and non-vegetarians separated during lunchtime; in the tables of the cafeteria, they can at least have a meal together. This menu should be considered a great opportunity for other students to learn and become open to a vegetarian lifestyle. This is the objective of Vege Project, and this is why we will continue to work under our motto: “veg’n lifestyle made easier”