Vege Project Japan is currently carrying out a survey on the food habits of foreign travelers in Tokyo.

With the help of the volunteers who have joined us in our surveying, we have achieved to interview nearly 300 foreign travelers.

The objective of this survey is to gather information that could contribute to the promotion of vegan menus among Japanese restaurants. The questions addressed some of the following aspects:

-The number of people who recognize themselves as veg*n, flexitarian or others.
-The main reasons held to motivate that decision
-To what degree these people avoid different ingredients
-Consumer behavior
-Relationship of the non-veg with veg*nism and veggie products
-Nationality/age/gender correlations, etc.

We will be doing our best to make the most of this data!

We are very grateful to all the volunteers who joined us this time.
We will be carrying another survey soon. Please feel free to join us!