The TBS television programme ‘Vivid’ (8:00am~)  featured VegeProject as an organization “spreading veganism in collaboration with companies and universities”.

They introduces some famous people such as the tennis player Venus Williams and Ariana Grande.


They have picked up a story relating to footage of a vegan protesting at a business in Korea.

In turn, VegeProject representative Kawano wants to convey the message that “People who only commit problematic actions aren’t vegan.” And “We are also connected to animals and to planet earth.” 

This introductory segment concluded with the announcer commenting that “The influence of veganism is likely to spread.”


This relates to one of the problems within the vegan movement, of people’s different ways of expression, including some actions that are perceived as problematic.

We could question why did they have to go so far, but on the other hand it is it possible to see their point of view too.

This time, three television stations reported on the incident, but we hope that they delve deeper into the matter.