We are deeply grateful to all the stores and companies that participated in this project.

We reached the venue’s full capacity for the release party that we held on May 18th.

Vegetarians, Vegans, store owners and companies interested in beginning plant-based projects, as well as musicians, models, Mrs international’s finalist, fellow activists, and people from all sorts of background joined the party with delicious vegan foods.

During speech time,  various companies which are starting vegan business, restaurants and those who are doing great works for veganism gave great talk.

Mame Plus, from Fuji oil companyゆるベジからヴィーガン界になくてはならない存在のFUJI OIL HOLDINGS INC.

Yamagataya Shouten is one of the biggest our sponsors and prepared vegan recipe books and vegan souvenir to our guests.

San-iku food has long history to develop vegetarian foods in Japan.

Tokyo localized is very famous free tour organization.

Spirulina Blue Ueno prepared very delicious vegan raw chocolate cake!

We were thrilled to feel the growth of the vegan and plant-based movement!

Thank you so much for everyone!

We are welcoming all the restaurants with vegan main menus to join our Tokyo VegeMap!

Please join us if your restaurants have vegan options or if you know delicious vegan restaurants!

Giving information to us is also very useful.

Map will be available the tourist information centers in Tokyo as below and mainly sponsored vegan friendly restaurants.

We will prepare the page to inform you about sending individually.

NEXT would be Kyoto VegeMap!

Please contact us, VegeProject if you are interested in our map!

We would like to meet future sponsors, restaurants, members.


*To improve VegeMap and make Japan a more vegan friendly place, please help us to complete our survey and you will get special offer! (by the end of 2018!)⇒

*If you want to join the member to make TOKYO VEGE MAP, please contact us!

【Support VegeMap by buying some related goods】

We’ve started selling Tokyo Vege Map related goods!
Mug and postcards of HAPPY VEGAN DAYS design, the same as Tokyo Vege Map !
For more information, please visit here⇒https://www.vegeproject.org/en/vegan_goods/



1.Receive one at the tourist information centers as below, restaurants, event organized by or relating to VegeProject.

2.Ask VegeProject to send one to your address. →VegeMap Order Page

*Please understand that sometimes they finish the maps and we are trying to send more again.
We can also send the map by postal mail if you request and pay the fee.

【Tourist information centers with Tokyo VegeMap】

Haneda airport International Passenger Terminal 2F (Tokyo Tourist Information Center)

Shinjuku Tourist Information

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings (Tokyo Tourist Information Center)
新宿区西新宿 2-8-1

*バスタ新宿3階 東京観光情報センター
Shinjuku Enpressway Bus Terminal 3F (Tokyo Tourist Information Center)

Tokyo Chuo City Tourist Information Center
中央区京橋2-2-1 京橋エドグランB1F

*GInfo 銀座観光案内所「(GINZA Information)
中央区銀座5-2-1 東急プラザ銀座1F 数寄屋橋公園側

*六本木ヒルズ 森タワー総合インフォメーション
Roppongi Hills Mori Tower General Information
港区六本木6-10-1 六本木ヒルズ 森タワー2階

Keisei Ueno Tokyo Tourist Information Center

Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center

*ぐるなび情報ラウンジ (上野駅)
Ueno Restaurant Information Center by Gurunavi
台東区上野7-1-1 JR構内

*上野案内所 松坂屋上野店B1
Ueno Information Center Matsuzakaya Ueno B1

Tokyo Tourist Information Center Tama