【Reservation required! Details below】

Tokyo Vege Map has been completed!

We will be holding a release party with a vegan buffet, on July 22nd.
You are very much welcome to join us!

Tokyo Vege Map is a printed map introducing a large list of restaurants which offer vegan options in the city.
It also includes a gift coupon, and basic information on veganism.

New friends and delicious vegan food will be waiting for you!

Date:July 22nd (Sun.) 18:30-21:00 (doors open at 18:15)

Fee:3300 yen (includes vegan buffet and soft drink. Alcoholic drinks not included in price)
*Ages 1-4: free; 5-12: half-price

Deadline for reservation: July 20th (cancellations after this date will be charged)

【How to make your reservation】

1) Buy your ticket by credit card or bank deposit

2) Send us an email (contact@vegeproject.org) or a Facebook message (https://www.facebook.com/vege.project.japan/). Include your name and number of participants.

【Purchase your ticket here!】
・By credit card:

・By bank deposit
Yucho bank (ゆうちょ銀行) / code 9900 (金融機関コード 9900) / shop number 408 (店番 408) / the kind: Futsu (預金種目 普通) / name of the shop: Yon Zero Hachi (店名 四〇八店ヨンゼロハチ店)/ code 14060 / account number 4314728 (口座番号 4314728)


Email : contact@vegeproject.org

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