Besides the production of a Online National VegeMap,
we are creating the paper maps
“Tokyo VegeMap” and “Kyoto VegeMap”



Tokyo VegeMap


To improve VegeMap and make Japan a more vegan friendly place, please help us to complete our survey and you will get special offer!⇒

If you want to join the member to make TOKYO VEGE MAP, please contact us!

How to get Tokyo VegeMap

➊ Receive one at the tourist information centers as below, restaurants, event organized by or relating to VegeProject.

➋ Ask VegeProject to send one to your address.

VegeMap Order Page

*Please understand that sometimes they finish the maps and we are trying to send more again.
We can also send the map by postal mail if you request and pay the fee.


Support VegeMap by buying some related goods!

We’ve started selling Tokyo VegeMap related goods!
Mug and postcards of HAPPY VEGAN DAYS design, the same as Tokyo VegeMap !

More informations

(Video: This special video introducing Tokyo VegeMap was made by NeoYume for the Tokyo VegeMap released event.)


Kyoto VegeMap

Thank you for good reputation, now we don’t have stock any more.
For publication of the 2nd edition of Kyoto VegeMap, we are looking for sponsors and the members to make it together!
If you are interested in it, please contact us: !

or mail