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Veggie dinner with those who are in charge of the cafeterias

← ① We visited the managers who manages all the canteens in Kyoto university and told how important to deal with vegetarian dishes and the meanings to introduce the menus. After that, in order to let them know how delicious food we can have with veggies, we had a vegan dinner party together.


Questionary investigation

← ② We did a questionnaire investigation about to find out how the students think about vegetarian issues and how much need against vegetarian food we have. We gathered answers from 525 people including students and professors and made a report.


The leaflet we distributed during Vege Week


Tasting party

←  ③ After several meetings with Japan Vegetarian Society and vegetarian food professionals, we decided to have a promotion event called VegeWeek showing our veggie dishes in a canteen for a week.

④ After tasting party, we decided the menus for Vege Week. You can see the vegetarian (vegan) menus  on the right picture.  →



Menus for Vege Week


Promotion with sample of Soy fake fried chicken

← ⑤ On the first day of Vege Week, we gave Soy fake fried chicken for free to everyone at the canteen. They said that it was good and some of them said it looked and tasted like a real chicken.

⑥ During Vege Week, at the book store in the canteen, we sold books related to vegetarianism. →


Books relating to vegetarianism


Popular vegan menu

← ⑦ The veggie menus were sold very quickly and they were very popular

⑧ We also started a petition to show we need vegetarian menus in our university. 1008 students and professors signed for our petition.


Leaflet we distributed during Vege Week


Kyoto newspaper wrote about us

← ⑨ Kyoto Newspaper wrote about our activity.

⑩ From November 2014, the vegan menus are introduced officially to Kyoto university’s canteens.  →

Vegetarian menus are listed officially since November 2014


Kyoto University Coop’s poster

← ⑪ After many discussion meetings and tasting events, we restart veggie menus officially from 16/5/2016!
Vegan menus are now available always at 7 cafeterias in Kyoto university.
Please check it out from the Coop’s poster on the left!

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