We had a vegan Christmas party collaborated with Meat Free Monday Night!

Thank you for all of you to make a nice party together!


We apologize for the fact that food was slow and there was a limited place you could get it at the beginning of the party. Also we apologize for the impolite behavior of the restaurant’s staff.

Regardless of these inconveniences, thank you for your joining and making the great night together.

Meat Free Monday is a campaign to reduce meat consumption for the earth.

This is because vegetarian/vegan foods are much better compared with meat in terms of the effect of grovel warming, the water and the land uses, the food shortage issues, and so on.   

We, Vege Project Japan organized a game with Green Culture Inc.

The prizes of the game was a lot!

30 bags of Vegan foods from Green Culture Inc and 2 kinds of T-shirts designed by Stella McCartney, Meat Free Monday’s official bag and Meat Free Monday’s official recipe book.

This party was full of The Beatles’ music because Paul McCartney started Meat Free Monday.

Tsukushi, Okuda, Aoki, Awanomanimani, OK Veggie, Kuroda, Shiratori, Kaoshita played their music. Thank you!

Also, Tsuruda san, Ando san, Shigeoka san, Okada san talked about vegetarianism/veganism, some memories with Paul McCartney.  

Thank you again to make this great night together!

See you next event!