We had the 3rd Vegan Izakaya Party! This time it was in Tokyo.

(*More detail about Vege Project’s activity to introduce vegan option is available here :” Enjoy Vegan course menu and experience of Japanese culture at Izakaya restaurants! “

Many people with various back ground gathered together and had an amazing night!

For some people, Izakaya, which is Japanese traditional drinking style was new experience.

Some people said that with Horigotatsu (Sunken Kotatsu, you can put your foot under the table) , they could relax and enjoy conversation.

The owner of the popular vegan restaurant presented his special magic show and one lady brought her handmade vegan sweets.

Some people joined this event far from Tokyo.

Students joined us and they said they want to introduce vegan menus to their university’s canteens.


We, Vege Project Japan will do our best to make more vegan options and develop the vegan menus more and more!

Thank you for joining us and supporting us a lot!

We had really nice time with you! <3