Many people including the person who came up with the idea for this map project, a professor, a singer, a vegan doctor, owners of vegan restaurants in Kyoto, those active in animal and environmental issues and students joined the party.



Vegan sushi, soymeat, pasta and a lot of other vegan food was served.

The development team from Fujiseiyu, a big food company, joined the party, bringing their vegan cheese to share.

(In fact, the creator of the vegan cheese has been friends with Vege Project’s founder since they were students!).

And more, Taiwanchaen prepared lots of kinds of vegan cheesecakes.

They were so delicious!

Some guests shared beer and wine and some talked about their work and passion relating to a vegan lifestyle.

Everyone there made this event. Thank you very much!



We held this event in an open café, a bit different from student canteens.

Normally vegan options are not available here. However, for this event they did their best to prepare a nice vegan buffet!

Thank you very much.


Please enjoy Kyoto with this vege map!

We will distribute it to more and more places in Kyoto.

So far it is available in every canteen at Kyoto University and in vegan restaurants (Tozen, Choice, Premarché Gelateria, etc).

Of course Vege Project can also send it (postage is 300 yen within Japan/please contact us if you are abroad).