Crowdfunding for Free Vegetarian/Vegan map! Project with Soyoka NIMURA

Soyoka NIMURA is an actress to play by herself about stories regarding environmental problems and food supply issues
who is living in Kyoto.
She won Nngenryokutaisyo, one of Japanese most honored prize for young people.

She is a vegan and starts crowdfunding to make a paper free vegetarian map in Kyoto with Vege Project!
We will make with Japanese and English and place the maps around Kyoto,
let’s say, in tourist bureaus, vegan restaurants and other easily accessible locations.

The plan is currently in the crowd funding stage and needs donations to move forward.
If you can spare a few dollars for a good cause, it would be greatly appreciated!

(*Sorry the crowdfunding web site is all written in JP but if you will kindly join us, we will support you.
So please contact us. Thank you!)

Please join this crowd funding through this pageFAAVO京都
You’ll find the detail information and message from Soyoka!