Students and teachers from Yamaguchi Kenritsu Ube High School will be holding a vegetarian food degustation on November 14th with the support of Vege Project.

The degustation will take place in Yamaguchi airport, as part of an event called “Sora no Hi” (meaning day of sky).

This annual event gathered about 4000 participants last year.


Ube High School has been awarded as one of the most international schools in Japan.

Working on the problems to be solved in the area, students have decided to work on vegetarianism in the context of dietary diversity.

With the global trend towards vegetarianism and veganism as a background, the school has begun to provide vegan rice burgers at the event.


Photo: 山口宇部経済新聞


French, Italian and Indian food restaurants of the area will be providing veggie meals at the event.

The students are also preparing posters and pamphlets with information concerning the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle.

We are happy to see they will be introducing Vege Project vegetarian and vegan certification marls!


For those nearby, please feel free to pay a visit!

The information of the event is available from here (In Japanese)→ 山口宇部空港のホームページ